• Part 1 – Get more followers – 5 ways to build a bigger audience without spending a fortune on advertising.
  • Part 2 – Get more comments and messages – The one thing you’re doing WRONG when it comes to conversations.
  • Part 3 – Make more sales – The best way to get customers to click OFF Instagram and start buying from you.
  • Part 4 – Make a plan you can actually follow – Literally the most personalised guidance you’ve ever had when it comes to working out a way to keep on top of all this.

Need to know more about me?

Hi, I’m Katie! I’ve been coaching business owners on their social media strategy since 2016 and have been building websites for nearly 20 years (or since 2012, if you just want to count the ones I got paid for…)

Like all millennial stereotypes I’m obsessed with Instagram, and I can’t go anywhere without taking a selfie in front of something yellow.

I’m a big fan of using analytics data to keep things simple and to tell it like it is. No fuss, no nonsense. Nearly all the strategies I share are tried and tested by me, my clients, or other willing guinea pigs, and I make a point of being right as often as humanly possible.

I’m a loyal, hard-working Hufflepuff, I can deadlift twice my bodyweight, and I can solve a Rubik’s cube without looking up the instructions. You know, normal stuff…

It’s lovely to meet you!

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